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What is Magic Recipes?

At the beginning, Magic Recipes is a french webtoon published on Instagram (now, there’s also an
english account which is It’s now also available on Twitter and on, and the
first part was edited in french by ourselves with some goodies thanks to a crowdfunding on Ulule.

The Authors


élod is a french person who makes comics.
She loves plants and witches. And also little dogs.
Her drawings are cool, so she’s the one who
illustrate Plum and Cream.



esquimaupêche is also a french person, who
makes comics too. He’s a cute little boi (very little, we can barely see him) with green hair. His drawings are cool too, but, for some reasons,
he’s the one who write, here.



A very big thank you to Luna Jo, Lea and his cousin for their precious help on the english
translation for Magic Recipes. Also a special thanks to our followers on social media and every persons
who help us for our crowdfunding to make that cute tiny book. You are the ones that give us
the yen to continue Magic Recipes!!